DieCon 14 Miniature Contest

Sponsored by DieCon

Dedicated to Bill Nardin

1. All participants must have a current DieCon Convention Badge.
2. All entries must be the participant’s own work.
3. All participants are responsible for unpacking, displaying and packing their own figures.
4. Entries will be accepted until 3pm Saturday June 22, 2014.
5. Judging will take place between 3pm Saturday June 21, 2014.
6. Painting Contest Awards will be announced between 6 to 6:30 pm on Saturday 21 June.  Judges will be available to answer questions immediately after.
7. Judges decisions are final.
8. DieCon and DieCon Miniature Contest Staff are not responsible for damaged entries. 
9. Participants must pick up their entries by 2pm Sunday June 22. 2014. Any entries not claimed will become property of DieCon Convention.
10. The DieCon 14 Painting Contest will be broken down into 10 categories.
  Cat. A) Speed Painting Finals:  Winners will be chosen from the six figures entered from the Speed Painting qualifying rounds.
  Cat. B) Youngbloods: Limited to those entries submitted by contestants   17 years and younger. Entry is limited to a single figure over 20mm.
  Cat. C) Diorama:  Limited to 13" by 13" by 13".
  Cat. D) Individual Figure (on foot or mounted) – Any Scale
  Cat. E) Unit of 5-10 Figures  – Any Scale
  Cat. F) Open/Master Category--Any Size, Scale, or Number.  This contest is open to all DieCon patrons and staff (but not judges). DieCon attendee voting will determine a single winner!  Note, previous DieCon Best in Show winners can ONLY enter the Open/Master Category
  Cat. G) Best in Show--The single winner of this contest will be   determined at large by DieCon attendee voting.  Note, Open/Master Category entries are not eligible for Best In Show votes.
11. Awards
  A. Awards will be based on level of participation.
  B. Each Category will have a 1st.
  C.  Best of Show: All Categories except Category E are eligible for “Best of Show” award.