Special Events

Current DieCon 14 membership required to participate in events.

Now Live  Privateer
The St. Louis River Dogs grace us with their well run series of Privateer Press events, including a huge HardCore Event on Saturday. Check them out for a Demo, or a serious ingame beatdown as they are some of the best in the country New.gif
Now Live Barracks
The Big Muddy Historical Game Alliance and Die Con have joined forces to provide even more gaming experiences. Big Muddy will be hosting its annual spring miniature convention, Barracks Battles, within the confines of Die Con. Big Muddy will be bringing a variety of miniatures games ranging from historical battles like the Seven Years War, the Napoleonic Wars, British Colonial skirmishes, and the Mexican American War to World War II land, air and sea battles. Remaining true to our motto of “Anything Historical…Anything Miniature”, we will even have a science fiction spaceship battle. More games will be added in the future. Stop by our game tables to join in or just hang out and become acquainted with other St. Louis area gamers. Big Muddy looks forward to meeting all of you.
Now Live L5R
The Premier event for L5R in the Midwest.  We have hosted some of the biggest and best events in the world for L5R and we are bidding for it again, to be held on Saturday. New.gif

Now Live


40K Tournament

Gateway Gamers will be judging staff for this year's Warhammer 40K Area Grand Event Tournament. The support they put out for the winners is first class, and coupling it with the good time, makes this event a Must attend for the 40k player in you.


  Flames of
War Tourney
We do not have a GM for this. So at this Point there is no FoW official event, Feel Free to bring armies and play in the Extra space tables.
Now Live Miniature
You fancy yourself good with a brush and Modeling knife?  well here is your chance to to prove it. Bring in your Best work and put it in the Contest. New.gif
Diecon holds this event anually to Benefit a local  charity, and has been proud to hand over several thousand dollars towards various charitable causes.  This year Autism Speaks is the Charity of Choice, as it seems we all Know someone touched by this condition...  
Now Live Diecon Game
DieCon has Partnered with the Local Boardgame group Atomic Squash.  and we have been building a great Library of games for you the player to be able to play.  Do you have a Couple free hours before your next session?  this is a great place to check out.