Warhammer 40K Tournament Format Event

*Many Thanks To The Fine Folks of Gateway Gamers *

For co-sponsoring the :


DieCon 14, June 20-22 2014@ Gateway Center Collinsville, IL

Tournament length:
5 rounds: 3 rounds Sat June 21st and 2 rounds on Sunday June 22nd.

Tournament :
Begins at 10am (1000 hrs) on Sat June 21st and Sunday June 22nd. Please be on time.

Army Size:
Warhammer 40K 1850 pts 
Allies are allowed

Stronghold Assault may be used but with the following limitations:

  • No D weapons
  • No AV 15
  • Only one item may be taken (you cannot link fortifications)

Banned Models:

  • Fortress of Redemption
  • Skyshield Landing Pad
  • Escalations
  • No Forgeworld
  • 40k Formations


Warhammer 40k Friday June 20, 2014 Events


40k Skirmish

We will have all the terrain and tables set up so if you just want to get early practice in or throw down against your favorite opponent you can.


The Eldar have came to take back the planet that is theirs. Can you hold them off? This will be a staff vs. everyone else event. Must have a basic Force Org. Each player can bring up to 3000 points with no limit on what they bring.


Can you stop Horus in his tracks? This will be a 30K event.


Pre-Qualify Your 40k Army to enter Raffle


All Army list submissions need to be emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by Jun 13th. For those that email their army lists and get it verified by our judges they will be entered into a raffle to win a Chaos Space Marines Battleforce box.



While it is not required to have your army completely painted to participate in this event, it is highly encouraged, and recommended. If you choose to participate in this tournament with an unpainted army, just keep in mind, you will NOT be eligible to win the "Overall Champion" award, nor "Best Appearance".  You will however, still be eligible for "Best General", and "Best Sportsman". So, if at all possible, get that army painted, and help us make this tournament not only fun to play in, but amazing to see as well.

Prize Support: Will be based on attendance level

Warhammer 40K Registration:

There is a flat $20 Fee covering all Warhammer 40k events scheduled at DieCon 14 June 20-22, 2014

$50.00 April 2 thru May 18, 2014 includes $30 weekend membership + $20 event fee.

$55.00 starting May 19, 2014 thru June 21, 2014. Includes $35 weekend membership+ $20 event fee.

Online registration available at diecon.com thru June 16, 2014


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