DieCon 14

Hive, Queen and Country!

published by Aerolyth Enterprises



Roosevelt's Stand at the San Juan Mission


GM: Terry Sofian

10+ players per session



Everyone had thought the Hive had been defeated in England by 1895. Around the world celebrations had been held. The Pope gae a mass of thanksgiving in Vatican Square. Life on Earth returned to normal. Within two years strange tales were coming out of the Amazon basin and by 1898 the terrible truth had been confirmed: The Hive had returned. In the North the Hive is driving up the Isthmus of Panama. The best chance to stop it will be a defensive line at the narrowest point. The United States and Mexico, as well as a number of European Great Powers are assembling the forces needed but it will be weeks before they are ready. Other units are being pushed forward to buy time. This time will be bought with space and human lives. One of these units is the First United States Volunteer Cavalry and its Colonel, Theodore Roosevelt. Roosevelt's orders are clear. Hold as long as possible and fall back before his force is destroyed. For three weeks he and his soldiers have been doing just that. Now they find themselves in an impossible moral position. One major bridge spans the San Juan River and that bridge is crowded with an endless stream of refugees. Even more horrifying; what will happen to the tens of thousands of refugees that are struggling to make their way to someplace, anyplace, safe from the swarming aliens behind them if that bridge is destroyed? Defending an abandoned Catholic Mission with a scratch force can the Rough Riders and their allies prevent the aliens from overrunning a vital river crossing long enough for the refugees to escape? Come and game in the Universe of Hive, Queen and Country!

This is a participation game-Play all weekend or play










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