Greetings and Salutations Warmachine and Hordes players!


Privateer Weekend is proud to be working with Diecon again in 2014 to bring you all our 7th Privateer Weekend! Our event will be on June 20th through June 22nd at the Collinsville Convention Center (St Louis) where we’ve been the previous six years). Our team is working to plan a volley of events that include multiple Steamrollers as well as an official 2014 Hardcore Event.



We look forward to seeing a lot of you in June!



As before anyone who wants to play in Hardcore can Preregister online through the Diecon site when buying their admission tickets.


Please see our Tentitive Schedule below.

Friday, June 20th
1:30pm: 35 Point Steamroller
  • No Variants (Second list optional, no Divide and Conquer, Character Restrictions, 7 minute turns + 5 minute extension)


2:00pm: 35 Point Commander's Crucible
  • Commander's Crucible variant: This variant is new to Steamroller 2014 '
  •     - see the packet at for full details.
  • The number of rounds for this event will be announced once we cut off entry - we recommend players prepare 5 battlegroup lists
  • No other Variants (Character Restrictions, 7 minute turns + 5 minute extension)


7:00pm: 20 Point Mangled Metal/Tooth and Claw Hardcore
  • Mangled Metal/Tooth and Claw: Warlocks/Warcasters and Warjacks/Warbeasts only
  • Mangled Metal/Tooth and Claw Victory Conditions: Destroy all Warjacks/Warbeasts to win
  • No other Variants (One List, One Scenario, Hardcore Painting Required, 3 Minute Turns, No Extension, 30 min rounds)
Saturday, June 21st
9:30am: 50 Point Hardcore
  • A Diecon favorite - No Variants (One List, One Scenario, Hardcore Painting Required, 7 Minute Turns, No Extension)


12:00pm: 50 Point Theme Force Steamroller
  • Theme Forces: Tier 3 Required - All lists must be at minimum Tier 3
  • Characters Unrestricted (Models and units with FA C can be included in more than one list)
  • No other Variants (Second list optional, no Divide and Conquer, 7 minute turns + 5 minute extension)


5:30pm: Thunderdome


Sunday, June 22nd
9:30am: 50 Point Masters
  • No Variants (3 lists required, no Divide and Conquer, Character Restrictions, 60 minute Deathclock)


10:30am: De-Escalation Event
  • Special Variant: shrinking points. The first round is at 50 points, the second at 35, and all subsequent rounds are at 20 points.
  • Each list must be composed solely of models used in the previous list
All Weekend
Steamroller Scrambles
  • 8-player Steamrollers that launch as soon as they fill. Great for newer and veteran players alike. 
Free Play
  • Free play will earn chances to win prizes and/or raffle tickets.