DieCon 2014 GM policy
This policy is updated yearly based on the results of the previous DieCon.




New GM's:


GM's that have never run a scheduled game event that appeared in the onsite game program book at a previous DieCon and would like to schedule a game event for DieCon 14 have a base rate of $20 for a weekend membership. All first time DieCon GM's will need to schedule a minimum four hours game event time for this rate. GM's must meet DieCon GM qualifications. Partial refund of membership fee is available if GM schedules additional four hours of game events. This refund will be provided on site after the completion of your last scheduled game event. Refund will be based on the number of additional scheduled event hours. Only scheduled event hours will be eligible for refund.

Game event hours will be scheduled in Sessions 2 - Session 7.


Returning DieCon GM's in Good Standing:


GM's that have run a scheduled game event at a previous DieCon, DieCon 1-13, who schedule a minimum of eight game event hours at DieCon 14 have a flat rate of $10 for a weekend membership. A Good Standing GM does not have a No Show history with DieCon. GM must meet DieCon GM qualifications.

A maximum of four game event hours may only be scheduled in Session 1 or 8 with approval of DieCon Event Director.


Game Company rep's/demo team member.

  1. Discount will be determined on a case by case basis based on the following criteria.
    i. Number of Event hours scheduled.
    ii. Number of participating Game Company rep/demo team members.
    iii. Prize support provided for games, raffles, charity auction and/or door prizes.
  2. Game Company representatives/demo team member must meet the DieCon standard GM qualifications.

Qualifications for GM rate:

  1. GM must be pre-registered with DieCon by May 15, 2014. Pre-registered is defined as Payment in full of DieCon 14 GM membership fee.
  2. All scheduled Game Event information for all Game Events scheduled by the GM must be provided to DieCon by May 15, 2014
  3. All scheduled Game Event information must appear in the onsite DieCon 14 program book.
  4. All scheduled game Event information must appear in the final posted web schedule found on the DieCon website.
  5. GM will perform all GM Onsite Responsibilities as directed by DieCon staff.
  6. Each Game Event has a single unique GM.

GM onsite responsibilities:

  1. Provide all materials to run event unless game description includes what players are required to supply.
  2. GM is at assigned event table a minimum of 10 minutes before start time of game event.
  3. Game is setup and ready to start within 10 minutes of scheduled start time.
  4. Player seating for event.
    i. Accept all players with standard DieCon Event tickets for specific game.
    ii. If after 5 minutes there are still open seats accept those players with DieCon alternate event tickets for specific game.
    iii. If after 10 minutes there are open seats the GM may accept anyone who would like to play.
      1. If the event is a tournament then all new players must pay any associated event fees.
  5. Insufficient players for event.
    i. If after 10 minutes you have insufficient players to run your game contact DieCon HQ.
    ii. DieCon HQ staff will see about recruiting player(s) for your event.
    iii. If after 15 minutes from original start time DieCon staff has been unable to recruit players then your game will have two options.
      1. Game event is cancelled.
      2. Game event may continue with current players.  
6. GM credit for cancelled events:
  1. GM must meet all guidelines for GM onsite responsibilities.
  2. Failure to meet those guidelines will result in no credit for the cancelled game event.


DIECON 14 GM Point of Contact Page (Coming Soon)